LebaMedic is a Medical Equipment Company in Lebanon, specialized in selling and installing medical equipment including but not limited to radiology machines and its derivatives.

We are the authorized distributors for many famous international FDA approved vendors.

Our major product lines are MRI’s, Digital x-rays, Digital mammography, Mobile x-ray systems, Digital fluoroscopic systems, Dicom medical monitors, Panoramic and CBCT, Ultrasound, ECG’s, EMG’s, Medical disc publishers, and PACS system.

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To be accountable for achieving our goals and demonstrate professionalism and respect for others as a Leading Medical Equipment Company in Lebanon.


Deliver the best possible customer service and after service, excellent quality and the most advanced products. A supplier of first choice with the best customer care.


Our Core Values of Innovation, Diversity, and Community are key to our mission pursuit and to our ongoing success as a Medical Equipment Company in Lebanon.

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Global Radiology

Global Radiology

Global Radiology Consultants, is an American company, incorporated in the State of Arizona.It operates mainly in North America, South Asia, Far East, Middle East and Africa.The company provides services in the medical industry and chiefly in radiology such as assistance with:

  • Radiology department layout.
  • Modality selection.
  • Workflow design.
  • Software acquisition, implementation and integration.
  • Assistance with recruitment of radiologists., technologists.
  • Teleradiology around the clock
  • Related goods and services – computers, modality machines, software, film, syringes, contrast etc.
  • Full service Medical Tourism and assistance with all related services.
  • Hospital, physician, surgeon, specialists research and appointments.
  • Travel arrangements.
  • Airport receiving, hotel /hospital transfer.
  • Assistance for family traveling with patient as required.



Because of our in depth understanding of Medical Equipment we are able to start with a foundation that most providers can not. In addition, our relationships and partnerships within the industry, and our experience with thousands of doctors and surgery centers allow us to offer bundled packages that bring true value for your facility.



WE offer personalized medical device training and education for you and your staff, that ultimately leads to enhanced expertise, greater efficiency, and higher productivity. Gain more from your investment and improve patient care by providing your staff with the right start.



Not all providers are alike. Because we have state-of-the-art maintenance team and thousands of parts in stock, you can be confident that your part will reach you on time when in need. We understand you came to us for a solution—not a problem. Our team will be always available to keep you up and running.

All Medical Equipment

All Medical Equipment

We offer equipment from the top manufacturers across all diagnostic imaging modalities. Investing in a reconditioned, certified system saves thousands of dollars, and trusting LEBAMEDIC means you get the same quality, same warranty, and same customer support.

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