custo cardio concept


Profit from the free, manufacturer-independent choice of training equipment.
The cardio concept offers the therapist new possibilities of cardiac rehabilitation, from interval through rotational training up to comparative training methods. All data can be controlled by means of real-time ECG via a central cardio concept monitor.

With this new state-of-the art technology the therapist is free to select the optimum rehab method. The patient wears the recording device on the body during the whole rehab training. Thus the ECG recording is not bound to any special endurance machine. ­Consequently, the therapist has the free choice between ergometer, treadmill, cross trainer or floor exercise – everything is possible now.

All custo med training machines are equipped with medical Bluetooth, so that the recorded data are transferred to the therapist’s central cardio concept monitor via a wireless connection. The therapist can observe the cardiovascular effects of each single training method in real-time and react immediately by adapting the training or choosing another training method.


  • Wireless, adhesive-electrode-free and waterproof ECG module for direct application on the patient’s body
  • Reusable, textile and washable ECG belt
  • Use of already existing training machines
  • Individual training procedures on different endurance training machines
  • Excellent ECG signal quality, even when exercising on a treadmill
  • Up to 32 patients can be supervised simultaneously