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DICOM-calibrated tablet for viewing medical images, called Med-Tab. Although several mobile apps have previously been FDA approved, this was limited for reviewing of images in situations where no regular workstation is available. The Med-Tab has the potential to be a primary viewing device in situations such as during surgery, by on-call radiologists, and during emergencies.

The Med-Tab has a spacious 13.3 inch touchscreen (slightly larger than an iPad Pro) and can be navigated using your fingers, a mouse, keyboard, or a Philips SpeechMike. The same SpeechMike, often used at radiology workstations, can be used to dictate reports anywhere and on the go. A measuring pen is included to increase precision over touch. The system runs on Android 4.4 and supports most major PACS vendors using an HTML5 zero footprint DICOM viewer.

The tablet also includes a calibrator and a calibration app to adjust grayscales according to the DICOM standard and to check the screen calibration. It has an anti-glare display with 11-bit DICOM GSDF hardware grayscale calibration and a fixed calibrated brightness of ~300 Cd/m2. Using an HDMI port the device can be connected to a larger display for peer sharing. An integrated ambient light sensor provides an indicator whether surrounding light is appropriate for image analysis.

  • Manufacturar: DICOM
  • ID: Medical Tablets

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