Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

The telemonitoring system is composed of custo kybe, custo belt, custo guard and the software module custo kybe center.
custo kybe stores ECG data continuously over months, detects arrhythmia and sends these events to the custo kybe center automatically.


  • custo kybe: Medical Communicator
  • custo guard: 1- or 3-channel ECG transmitter
  • custo belt: 1- or 3-channel electrode

The type of transmitted events can be freely configured via the custo kybe center. The patient can trigger the sending of an additional event by pressing a button. The system provides continuous transmitting of live ECG to the custo kybe center via the ECG online streaming function.

Data are transmitted via mobile telephony, USB or WLAN. When using the mobile telephony version, a direct communication with the custo kybe user is ­possible by calling or by sending an SMS via the custo kybe center. The custo kybe is designed as a multi-parametric monitoring system und in addition to the ECG other sensors such as Sp02, blood glucose or blood pressure will be integrated in the near future.