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Through years of continuous innovation, development, and by giving priority to our customers’ requirements, SonoScape is proudly to release its new generation high-level ultrasound product S40. Based on the revolutionary new platform, combining SonoScape’s core imaging technologies and sleek ergonomic design, S40 represents the new standard of SonoScape S series products, which elevates the image performance to a record level and satisfies even the most demanding clinical requirements, significantly expanding the value of ultrasound.

The remote controlled table is intentionally designed to take advantage of its potentialities and to ensure the operator the maximum freedom of choice of the projections considered as the most suitable to the radiologist examination.

  • 19 inch widescreen
  • 10 inch smart interactive graphical Touch Screen
  • High Resolution Monitor  
  1.           — High definition 1024*768
  2.           –Wide viewing angle for 170°
  • Four-way Articulated Arm with lock, vertically and horizontally rotatable
  • Fully adjustable and rotating Control Panel
  • User-oriented multinational language input keyboard

  • Gel Warmer and Endocavity Probe Holder 
  • 5 Transducer Sockets plus one special connector for Pencil Probe
  • Full range of Transducers configured with latest technologies
  • Patient-oriented File Management System.
  • Flexible user-defined functions
  • Customized one button functions
  • Optional Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth functions
  • Full patient database solution:DICOM3.0, AVI/JPG, USB2.0, HDD,DVD,PDF report
  • Premium Platform with Perfect Work Flow

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