Sonost 2000

– Optimal measuring time by QUS BMD (Bone Mineral Densitometer): 15 seconds
– Remove any errors caused by minute movement of patients by using in-house developed supporting


– Easy to maintain the outer surface of the equipment devices clean as it can be easily cleaned with


– Unmatched economicity with least breakage of balloons which are made of special silicon material


– Dry type which is easy to use, adopting recent trend of ultrasound osteoporosis diagnosis


– Superior repeatability based on our patented devices which enable users to put their feet on the

right spot.

– Measure two parameters; SOS and BUA.
– Minimal difference in repeatability due to temperature change since BQI (Bone Quality Index) is

calculated, using a combination of SOS and BUA.

– Fixed probes on both sides of the equipment keep the equipment more stable than other

competitive products, removing errors in repeatability.

– Excellent stability and repeatability since all devices are electronic ones, not mechanical ones.
– Easy to clean with water
– Short measuring time: within 15 seconds
– Easy to install due to its compact size and light weight
– Usable as portable equipment when linked to notebook PC