Sonost 3000

– Highly sensitive Touch Screen LCD allows for easy and comfortable use without stand-alone monitors
– Embedded thermal printer allows easy, quick, cost-saving printout of the result
– Various options including External Monitor, Printer or Keyboard to customize to hospitals and users



– Ultrasound type is received as safe to use among users, alleviating their concern about radiation

emission as in the case of X-ray.

– Relieve burden on patients as the measurement time is only 15 seconds or less.
– Compact size, easy to move and can be installed anywhere.
– Diagnose osteoporosis by comparing bone mineral density acquired through computer-calculation of

ultrasound measurement data, to the mean of sample group and standard deviation.

– Minimal difference in repeatability due to temperature change since BQI (Bone Quality Index) is

calculated, using a combination of SOS and BUA.

– Embedded highly sensitive 6.4” Touch Screen allows for easy and stand-alone measurement
– Embedded thermal printer allows easy, quick, cost-saving printout of the result, guaranteeing optimal

performance during medical examination on the move.

– Cheaper to maintain due to the probe made of semi-permanent and highly elastic and safe material,

without requiring balloon which uses water or oil.

– When the foot is put in the equipment, the probe is automatically positioned on both sides of

calcaneus by fine-tuned pressuring sensor.

– USB port on the back of the equipment makes patient data management easier.